Smart Lighting Controls

NRGstar are working with Casambi; the clear leader in modern wireless lighting control solutions based on Bluetooth Low Energy. Key aspects of the Casambi solution are great user experience, high performance and scalability from basic individual fixture controls to industrial scale solutions with cloud based remote control, monitoring and data logging.

Casambi - Smart Lighting Controls


The Casambi devices are smart on their own. All the intelligence is replicated in each node leaving no single point of failure. The system itself is self healing and in constant syncronization. In this kind of fully distributed and symmetric architecture any unit can go offline and catch up from others when they return back online.


The Casambi devices are connected when needed. An Internet connection is not necessary. Bluetooth Low Energy is already implemented in smartphones and tablets, so communication between the user interface and the network of luminaires can be done without any additional gateways.

User friendly

The system is intuitive. You do not need any new wiring, switches, devices or networks. Plug in the lighting fixture and pair it with your phone or tablet. No other configurations by a professional technician are needed.


The Casambi solution is made both for the consumer market as well as the professional market. The user interface is made in a way that anyone – regardless of technical proficiency- can use the system.

Casambi - Smart Lighting Controls